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Testimonials from Parents and  Students

"Being a parent of a child with complex health conditions and mild autism, Sydney Distance Education made the many years my daughter was a student there so fulfilling and enjoyable. All teacher staff were always so kind caring and supportive not only towards my daughter but also myself. My daughter has thrived with the education she was given. The one on one zoom and group lessons are valuable, it’s so nice to feel connected even from a distance. 

I can't speak highly enough of the staff and the school as a whole. I would not hesitate in recommending to other parents SDEPS for their child’s education. 

We truly miss our time at SDEPS, it’s an experience we will never forget and we thank you for everything you have done."

Parent of a Year 6 Student December 2022

"Dear SDEPS team,

Thank you so much for your hard work. I was really impressed how this distance education was well set and managed. You did amazing job with preparing all the material and given the feedback to my kids. I have to admit this was the best visibility to my kids learning since they both started schooling. 

I wish you all the best in future, personal and professional.

Enjoy your break and Merry Christmas to you all."

Parent of students in Year 2 and Year 6, Overseas in Europe, December 2022

"We definitely will look back on this year with a smile. It’s been hugely challenging but it’s definitely helped me to see all the in’s and out’s of my daughter’s learning style and struggles and I think it will hugely benefit us going back to ‘regular’ school. Thank you for everything!"

Parent of student in Year 1, Domestic Traveller, December 2022

"My daughter and myself had a great couple of terms with SDEPS. Thank you staff for all your hard work.

We will miss SDEPS. I would love to re enrol in the near future if we intend to travel again.

Thanks again it was a pleasure to be enrolled in SDEPS."

Parent of student in Year 2, Domestic Traveller, December 2022

"Thanks so much for a wonderful year of schooling and all of your support whilst we were travelling around Australia."

Parent of students in Years 2 and 5, Domestic Travellers, December 2022

"I appreciate your support for the whole year of study for our son. He said he was so happy to learn with SDEPS teachers."

Parent of student in Year 3, Overseas in China, November 2022

"Our 12 months of travelling Australia is finally coming to an end. We have had such an amazing time, with a lifetime of incredible memories. We would like to thank all the teachers and staff at SDEPS for their dedication and support while our son attended your school. It has certainly been an experience and is looking forward to going back to school with his friends."

Parent of student in Year 3, Domestic Traveller, November 2022

"We would like to thank SDEPS for delivering a well thought out and practical educational program for our son.  This has allowed us to have a wonderful year of travelling and learning."

Parent of students in Year 2, Domestic Traveller, November 2022

"We are very grateful for the program and teachers. It has been a great experience for us. Thank you all so much"

Parent of a Year 2 student, Domestic Traveller, November 2022

"Thank you to the teachers of SDEPS for your support and guidance during 2022. It has been a great experience, and my son has been very fortunate to travel around our amazing country. An experience which we will all cherish"

Parent of student in Year 2, Domestic Traveller, November 2022

"Thank you to all the staff. It was great to be able to travel and do school at the same time. Thank you again"

Parent of student in Year 2, Domestic Traveller, November 2022

"We would like to thank the school for all the hard work and support that has been provided over the third term of his schooling, it has been both hard work and very rewarding"

Parent of student in Year 3, Overseas in Thailand, November 2022

"Many thanks. Our time with SDEPS has been fantastic for our time travelling around Australia."

Parent of Kindergarten student, Domestic Traveller, October 2022

"I would like to thank you all for looking after my kids while they were overseas. I really appreciate everything you have done for my kids. Thank you so much - they did not miss their education when they were on a long holiday overseas. My family returned to Sydney now, and they will join their local school. I cannot thank you enough. Thanks again"

Parent of Year 1 and Year 5 students, Overseas in Egypt, October 2022

"Thank you to you and your wonderful team of teachers, we have enjoyed the distance education so much and will be forever grateful" 

Parent, Year 3 student, Overseas in Greece, October 2022

"To all the junior school teachers,

Thank you for making [our son’s] learning enjoyable and manageable, and with constant updates on his work was great.

The way the school runs having everything sent out and so well organised makes it so much easier and enjoyable for us to teach" 

Parent of student in Year 2, Domestic Traveller, September 2022.